You NEED A Criminal Defense Attorney

Drug crimes

Marijuana: while many states have legalized "Marijuana", Virginia has not, and it is still a crime prosecuted every day.

The burden is on the government to prove that the defendant possessed marijuana, this often requires scientific testing which can become a defense loophole.  There are often issues with search and seizure presented in these cases, since these cases often involve searches of automobiles.
 First Offender: Be wary of attorneys who push the first offender program right away. While this program, if completed, results in the charge being dismissed, it is not always easy to complete. It is also expensive and places serious burdens on your life for six months. This should be a last resort.
Schedule I/II: these are your "hard" drugs, such as cocaine or heroin. These cases are very serious and can result in significant time in jail or prison. In the defense of charges for possession or distribution of these, science is very important and so are search and seizure issues. If you are charged with a distribution offense, it is very important that you defend yourself fully. The government must prove that you either intended to distribute the drugs or that you did actually distribute drugs. Mere possession of a certain amount is not enough standing alone.
First Offender: Again, you should not jump at a first offender program right away. These programs are expensive, sometimes difficult to comply with, and place you under court supervision.